Pinnacle Performance

Accountability Coaching

Pinnacle Performance Coaching program is designed for you to gain control. One of the biggest barriers to success is thinking that it is the market, environment, or other people getting in your way. Then you start to doubt yourself. The result is months and even years go by, and you find yourself in the same situation you tried to get out of.

Working within your parameters and abilities, we assist you to consistently and purposely move you in the direction you desire. With accountability, prioritizing, renewed vigor, actions steps, and clarity, you will realize professional and personal success. Our experienced, skilled trainers interactively work with you every step of the way, as they are firmly committed to your results. This is more than just your business, it is your life.


There are two options to choose from:

“Leadership Elevation” – Designed for top producers and those wanting to attain that level. This personal, one-on-one program gives you access to the best hands-on training. You will be guided through a 3-6 month program of intense discovery and accountability. Find out what is really important to you and the reasons why. Be prepared to follow proven methods to achieve just that. With weekly phone calls, expert analysis, outside resources, access to tips and strategies, this program will get you results.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Growth is not easy. We’ll make sure of that. We will also be there every step of the way to direct you over blind spots that have hindered your success.

“Select Definition” – This program takes the foundation of our Leadership Pact and places you with no more than 10 other clients for group coaching. Rest assured you will not get lost in the effort Everyone will have definite goals to achieve, as well as accountability for their success. We will all share ideas and focus in on the ones that most make a difference for your goals. Our sessions on the phone will be direct and power-packed. Your results will be felt by everyone!