Thriving in the People Business

Too often we get caught up in the idea we are in the real estate, banking, hospitality, manufacturing, financial or a unique type of business.

We all exist in the PEOPLE BUSINESS!

Without guests, clients, or customers, our products and services do not matter. How do you attract more new business and repeat business?
In the “Thriving in the People Business” training program, that question gets answered and the results delivered.
Phone skills, proper introductions and greetings, and handling people correctly, will have a major impact, and thus the return for you!

We address what people need to know when you call, how to get through the ‘gatekeeper’, building equal business stature, why you want objections, and how to properly deal with dissatisfied customers.

As a highly customizable workshop, or woven into another training program, we interactively:

  • Listen as each attendee roll plays their phone and in-person conversations
  • Discuss what is correct and what could be improved
  • Make adjustments where needed and implement those changes
  • Put in to use learned skills by making live call to potential clients

Bottom line is you will see results instantly!

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